pow day
It is thought that there are 82,479 service members unaccounted for since World War II. We owe it them and their families to honor their continued sacrifice. My prayer is that our nation continues to remember our service members and pray for their safety and give thanks for their sacrifices.

A visit to the Air Force Academy


The Air Force Academy is an inspiring place to visit. I was there during a time known as Beast. This is the time when, new incoming cadets, go through a rigorous series of events to test mental and physical toughness as well as forming cohesion as a class. One of the highlights of a visit to the Academy is a visit to the chapel. I had been in the chapel many times but this is the first time I noticed that the front rows are roped off and have a dedication plaque to POW MIA’s. The rows remain empty in remembrance of those who can not attend. This is just one of the ways the Academy strives to honor those who serve; past and present, while training up our future.

Remembering D-Day

Yesterday was the 73rd anniversary of the landings of the allied forces at Normandy. The next time you see someone wearing a baseball cap that says WWII on it just remember…

eagels nest

Then shake their hand and thank them for your freedom!


Thank you to all the restaurants who participated in POW Greenville this year. Your dedication to the memory of service members is appreciated by your community.